Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Guess What Ya'll!?!?!

Well, I know it's been a while since my last post. My husband and I got some exciting news on St Patrick's day!

We are beyond excited!! This picture was taken when I was 8 weeks (4/11.13). I thought I would keep my own little journal on my blog as a different way to document my growing bump. We decided to keep it quiet for a while just to make sure everything was going well. Every appointment has been wonderful and I can't tell you how amazing it is to hear/see my sweet baby's heart beat. 
We took a short trip to Disney World in the beginning of May and thought it would be the perfect way to announce my pregnancy. (Since we are major Disney Fanatics) :)
I was just over 11 weeks in this picture. More to come on this week's bump and some thoughts on nursery design.

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  1. I love your announcement - too cute! Where did you find the infant sized ears??? My husband & I took our two toddlers & brand new baby to Disneyland last year for Christmas & couldn't find infant ears anywhere!!! Thanks so much! Christine

  2. Yes, I have the same question as Christine, where did you find the mini Mickey Ears?

    1. Hi there! I got the Ears in Magic Kingdom in the Main Street Hat Shop. It's to the right of the candy shop. They have a variety of colors to chose from and are only $12.95. I love them because they come with a detachable elastic strap for you to use on your child's first trip to disney. :)


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